Agrochem International LTD. is one of the Poland's most promising leaders in the export and distribution of agrochemicals.

We are committed to exporting and distributing products that provide outstanding livestock, crop and environmental productivity and safety. Our products are all produced with highest standards making them the first choice for conventional applications.

Agrochem  is reshaping the future of agriculture with products that offer innovation, safety and performance the ultimate environmentally friendly solution. We focus on the latest trends in the industry in both naturally processed products and agrochemicals.

We strive to be the standard bearer for quality and reliability. Our highly skilled professionals have over 40 years combined experience with far ranging agricultural expertise and a deep understanding of 21 st century concerns. Consequently, all our products and suppliers are subjected to a very thorough review in safety standards and environmental protection, all in accordance with the requirements of the Markets.

Agrochem  employess have a strong track record in forming long-term, proffesional and reliable relationships with suppliers and customers from all corners of the globe.